Frequently Asked Bingo Questions

Bingo is a relatively easy game to play but even so it does generate quite a lot of questions. And perhaps that's not a surprise because there are so many different sites, so many different variations of the game and numerous operators that don't necessarily all operate in the same way. In this section we aim to answer as simply as we can some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) bingo questions that we see popping up as we spend day to day looking at bingo. We're look at whether free bingo is a scam, whether bingo games are fixed, how bingo sites are related and what are the best sites to visit. If you have a question that you think we should cover do feel free to drop us a line!

1. Is Free Bingo a Scam?

Free bingo became very popular when sites like Costa Bingo and Cheeky Bingo launched. They offered players the chance to win real money for free. Since then free games are offered on a regular basis by multiple sites, although notably the number of available games is much reducted. Free bingo is offered by bingo operators to entice you into their sites. The prizes are usually quite small and you're usually playing against a lot of players. The main thing to realise with free bingo is that in order to play or withdraw any winnings you usually need to make or have made a deposit. Basically operators want you to part with your money and try some of the pay to play games. In short free bingo is not a scam, it's just a clever marketing ploy!

2. Are Online Bingo Games Fixed?

Sometimes when you're playing online bingo it can seem like that the same people are always winning. In fact if you look at reviews of some operators complaints about the same players winning do crop up time and time again. This can make you feel that it's all a scam and that bingo games are fixed. They're not because game play is based on random numbers and each ticket in the game has the same chance of winning. UK bingo sites use a Random Number Generator which is usually tested by an independent auditor that has been approved by The UKGC. However some players may hold more tickets than others therefore they have more chances to win. Our advice is to look for multi-stake games like Blocks or even steven games where all roomies hold the exact same number of tickets.

3. Which Is The Best Bingo Site?

This is a subjective question! For some players a busy site like Tombola might be ideal as it has multiple variants and big jackpots, whereas for another it might be because they enjoy live bingo and therefore Buzz is their top choice. Different sites have different platforms too - so it really depends what kind of games you're looking for, the promotions you like and the quality of the gaming experience. If you're new to bingo then we suggest looking at popular brands such as Tombola, Mecca, Buzz, Jackpotjoy and Gala as your first ports of call. These actually cover pretty much some of the best platforms (Independent, Virtue Fusion, Bally's and Entain).

4. What Are Sister Sites In Bingo?

Players that jump from site to site soon notice that the same games and players are quite often found on different bingo sites. This is because many sites are interlinked on the same networks, more so now than ever before. For example Jackpotjoy, Virgin Games and Double Bubble Bingo all use the same platform (Bally's). Meanwhile Foxy, Gala, Cheeky, Ladbrokes and Coral all reside on Entain. Pragmatic Play's product is used across Jumpman sites as well as big brands like Bet365 Bingo, Heart Bingo and PlayOJO. In times gone by there was minimal cross-over between Dragonfish brands but since being acquired by Broadway Gaming it's hard to differentiate them in anything but name. In fact times have changed so much that some platforms are limiting the number of sites you can join.

5. What's The Bingo Call For....?

Bingo call names (or bingo lingo as it's sometimes called) fascinates a lot of people, but whilst you might know the calls for 1, 11, 22 and 88 - not so many probably know the calls for 3, 9, 15, 57 or 90! Take a look at our list of bingo calls - don't worry we won't be testing you! Interestingly whilst these calls are usually used in halls and in games of bingo played by ex-pats in Spain (we know, we've seen them) they're not used that extensively online. In fact there are regular calls for bingo calls to be modernised so as to drop things like two fat ladies and legs eleven.

6. How Do I Login To City Bingo?

We're not sure why this occurs so many times - but it does seem a lot of people have issues with City Bingo's login! If you are having problems then our advice would be to head to City Bingo and select the "Help" tab and contact them via email. Of course the same applies to other brands. So if you're struggling to find the login for Foxy, Gala, Jackpotjoy, Tombola, Buzz or Mecca then head to the site and hit the help sections. Their customer services are usually pretty good.

7. How Many UK Bingo Sites Are There?

Since we started in bingo in 2004 we've listed well over 300 different bingo brands. However there are more than that and a few years ago WhichBingo reported that there were over 400 different sites. The discrepency is that Which wanted to directorise every site that existed whilst we chose not to. In our view there were just too many sites that offered nothing of value. The current number of UK bingo sites has dropped due to the closure of the Cozy Games brands although the void has been filled by Jumpman sites that all offer Pragmatic Play bingo. In theory though you could boil down the number of sites to just a handful as many are networked and share the same rooms (see above). This is all the more true now with few standalone brands and networks like Broadway Gaming (formerly Dragonfish) opting to make all their sites identical.

8. What Happened To The Original Loquax Bingo? launched on Dragonfish in 2005 and followed our first site, Prize Bingo which launched in 2004, on to the platform. A third brand, Bingo House, was added to our stable a few years later. Whilst these sites were relatively successful for us they didn't exactly light up the bingo scene. The demise of the no deposit bonus and increasing competition (as well as better sites) meant they were just not competitive enough. In 2019 and Prize Bingo were closed as they were no longer viable for us or Dragonfish. Bingo House closed in 2018. Clucky Bingo amalgamated into our Jumpman brand at Slots Gold. The latter was sold in 2020 alongside Treasure Slots as we didn't have the inclination to develop them on a network that we'd lost faith in. Snappy Bingo closed in 2019 when Cozy Games brands were shut down. In 2022 we relaunched Loquax Bingo as a portal with content from moving across so as to have a clearer line between our gambling and non-gambling content.

10. How Is Online Bingo Regulated?

Bingo is a form of gambling and as such is regulated by the government until 2005 under The Gaming Act 1968 and since 2005 under The Gambling Act 2005. For those of you interested in this side of the game then the following links may be of some help. According to the, now archived, Department of Culture website "cash bingo is primarily a commercial activity and is regulated by the Gaming Act 1968". According to UK law, bingo can only take place on licensed and registered premises the bingo players taking part must be on the premises at the time when the gaming takes place. To counter this, many online bingo games open to UK players operate outside of the UK and therefore avoid legislation problems.

10. Who Are The UK Gambling Commission?

The Gambling Commission is the regulatory body for casinos, bingo clubs and gaming machines. It was set up under the Gambling Act 2005 to regulate commercial gambling in Great Britain. Their website covers useful aspects of the law involving bingo, including obtaining a license and a number of frequently asked questions. The Gambling Act 2005 is currently under Government Review and a White Paper is due out in June 2022 which could have a huge impact on online gambling in The UK. If you're interested in the bingo industry in the UK, then the Bingo Association website is the home of "the trade association of the licensed bingo industry in Great Britain, representing the proprietors of bingo clubs licensed under the Gaming Act 1968". You'll find a wealth of industry information, press releases, facts and figures about bingo and the latest news.

11. What Is The National Bingo Game?

In 1986 the National Bingo Game was launched. This new game resulted in changes to bingo legislation in the UK to allow games of multiple bingo to be played. Approximately 500 licensed bingo clubs link up every night of the year, except Christmas Day! Visit for their latest press releases. As far as we know there's no industry body to assist players who have a dispute with an online bingo site. Our advice to players is familiarise yourself with the site's terms and conditions, especially regarding bonuses and the pay out of wins. All sites have customer care lines and are usually very helpful if you have a question or issue that needs resolving.

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